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The Canada Green Building Council


For organizations and individuals who are committed to fostering a greener future and passionate about green building, there is no better way to connect with, learn from and collaborate with other like-minded green building industry professionals. The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is the nations only member-based organization that exists purely to advance green building in Canada. The CaGBC, established in 2002 with a mission to lead and accelerate the adoption of green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada, offers many benefits to both organizations and individuals.


The primary goals of the CaGBC include:

  • Changing industry standards;
  • Developing best design practices and guidelines;
  • Advocating for green buildings both at home and abroad; and
  • Developing educational tools to support its members in implementing sustainable design and construction practices.


Obviously, many of these objectives will benefit all organizations that see green building as the way to a sustainable future. But many of the activities of the organization may also have specific benefits for your company, government, or neighborhood.


Advantages of CaGBC Membership


There are three categories of membership:

  • Chapter membership for individuals in one of the CaGBC’s regional Chapters where you can build your network and contribute to change at the grass roots level.
  • Green Building Specialist for companies and organizations that benefit from and use the LEED rating system in their day to day business.
  • Green Building Advocate for companies and organizations who want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and green building.

* Emerging Green Builders (EGBs): If you are a full-time student, a new professional less than five years from graduation, or under the age of 30, you are the future of green building! CaGBC recognizes this by providing membership benefits in your local chapter at a reduced rate. The networking and educational programs available to you through the Canada Green Building Council will be invaluable to you.  



The advantages of a CaGBC membership for individuals and  organizations are numerous, and range from participation in shaping industry standards to helping to plan the organization's annual national conference to monetary savings on various educational offerings, as well as discounts on project registration and certification.

As members, you and your company will also have access to the most up-to-date information on green innovations, programs and LEED rating system information, and you will have access to the CaGBC membership list. Your company or organization will be listed in the Canada Builds Green Directory, giving you exposure and recognition for your green principles. Membership also gives you the right to run for the board of CaGBC, and to help to steer the future of green building in Canada. Corporate membership rates are based on the nature and size of your organization.

Access to premium information not available anywhere else


As part of the CaGBC’s ongoing effort to create value for its members, the Council commissioned a research study in 2014 of the Canadian green building market with McGraw Hill Construction. The report, entitled Canada Green Building Trends: Benefits Driving the New and Retrofit Market is the first of its kind in Canada. Among its many findings, the report demonstrates that companies that invest in green buildings are seeing significant dividends on their investments, including:

  • 82% of building owners and developers reported decreases in energy consumption in their green buildings compared to similar buildings.
  • 68% of building owners and developers reported decreases in water consumption in their green buildings.
  • The median reduction in operating costs over five years for green buildings reported by the firms included in the research is 17%.
  • The median payback for the investment in a new green building is reported to be eight years, a finding consistent with paybacks on studies McGraw Hill has conducted in the U.S. and globally.

 As a national CaGBC member, you also have EXCLUSIVE access to a smaller tenant report based on a survey of a select group of Canadian companies that lease or rent space in a commercial office space and their tenants. This report looks at the value they place on specific green building features and practices and how green building impacts overall employee health and productivity, and general sense of corporate responsibility.




CaGBC is the green building industry’s leading advocacy group


Advocacy efforts with policy makers, businesses and government have been instrumental in securing the adoption of green building in Canada since 2002. In addition to research reports and identification of industry trends and opportunities, the CaGBC continues to pursue its larger mandate of accelerating the transformation of Canada’s built environment. Key components of 2016’s advocacy strategy include:

  • Green Building Policy
  • Health and Well Being in the Built Environment
  • Energy Benchmarking, Reporting and Disclosure
  • Neighbourhood-scale Regeneration


Add Your Voice


Members of the Canada Green Building Council are the innovators and leaders of tomorrow's sustainable world. Expand your network, strengthen your green credibility, and add your voice to the campaign to transform Canada with greener buildings and healthier communities.


Corporate membership entitles all the employees in your company, across Canada, to the benefits of membership, including free membership in the local Chapter of their choice. Join as a Green Building Advocate or Green Building Specialist and leverage the tools and resources available to reach your corporate sustainability goals.


Chapter membership is for individuals who want to effect change from the grass roots. Expand your green building network and involvement through one of the  local Chapters across Canada. Chapter memberships are free for employees of national members.

Visit the CaGBC website today www.cagbc.org/membership to find out how you can become a member.


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